We have been assisting professional Contractors and Service Providers in reducing overhead costs associated with Locating and Mapping work activities at Data-Trax, while enabling them to retain essential personal that are critical to both the short term and long term success of their businesses. The harsh reality is that many businesses are carrying too much in monthly overhead costs in the form of excessive staffing, payroll taxes, benefits, rent, utilities and more.

So the question is how do you come up with the additional revenue you need to keep your business out of the red and in the black? By shifting overheads fixed costs to the expense side of the accounting ledger, business owners can realize a lower cost of operation while freeing up tens of thousands of dollars annually. The savings is substantial, and can be channeled into paying down debt, invested back into the business, or reflected on the bottom line.

If your business requires you to request locates for utilities before some type of underground construction related activity can take place, then you already know that calling in locate requests is a timely and very important activity that cannot be overlooked. This sometimes “overlooked” area of the business is mistakenly considered busy work, but in reality it is one of the most time consuming activities.

We go beyond mapping, locating and requesting locate tickets.  We monitor all your locates to make sure that they do not expire. You will receive a daily “Refresh Report” from us identifying the Locate Tickets that if associated with unfinished work, may expire and thus put you at risk. All you have to do is identify the jobs you would like us to refresh and we will make sure they do not expire, using our Locate Protection system.  This is just one of the many more features of this service. To learn more request a free consultation from your Data-Trax representative today.

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