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We understand that today’s business enterprises face many challenges and demands in the marketplace. Often times it can be difficult to allocate the necessary time, resources, and finances to address what seems like an ever growing list of projects that need to be supported. As a result, projects are unavoidably postponed resulting in a backlog that can negatively impact critical business operations. Our team of professionals and available resources can provide companies of all dimensions with the additional resources they need to solve operational challenges.

We look at problems as an inspiration for developing new and innovative business solutions for professionals trying to reach their organizational objectives – in the real world. In the final analysis, Data-Trax is a scalable solution for many businesses, with the ability to “blend in” to your existing organization, provide added focus, and best in class solutions that are customized specifically for your businesses needs.

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Managed Professional Services

The implementation, maintenance, and integrity of our customer’s project is our top priority. Our objective is to enhance customer relationships by proving ourselves everyday, and striving to exceed our valued customer’s expectations. When we deploy a field resources to a customers location they can rest assured that they are being provided experienced, trained, and fully insured personnel – that are compliant with all state regulations. We support various industries and customers throughout the USA, in technical fields such related to underground construction, outside and inside plant services related to Energy, Phone, Cable, Fiber, Wireless.


Technical Staffing Solutions

Companies are at times required to make difficult decisions in the area of work force reduction, resulting in the loss of valuable personnel – sometimes with dire consequences to organizations and work place moral.

However, there is an alternative and that is reverse outsourcing, where Data-Trax can provide a position for these employees and then redeploy them back into your organization. Instead of moving a valuable resource out of the company, we can help shift the costs associated with internal staffing, to the expense side of the accounting ledger.

We can also answer recruiting and staffing needs for technical staffing and professional services throughout the country. By allowing Data-Trax to be your partner in this effort you and your team can continue to remain focus on your core business.

We believe that our commitment to our customers success is at the core of everything we do. We consistently strive to conduct ourselves professionally, and in a transparent and accountable fashion that engenders trust with our customers. We see ourselves as a trusted extension of our customer, and conduct ourselves in an ethical manner so as to enhance the reputation and integrity of our valued customers and ourselves.

To accomplish this, we conduct our business activities and approach challenges from the “customer’s perspective”.


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