Google has certainly be in the forefront of the cloud computing media this week, launching two new offerings that have the potential to be formidable (depending on whom you talk to, of course.)

The first is called Google Video, an addition to the Google Apps suite that many describe as “YouTube for business.” The New York Times describes Google Video as allowing end users to share video with co-workers through a YouTube-like interface. Google believes that the offering will be of interest for functions like training, announcements, and broadcasts of company events.

The other new offering, and one that is arguably more groundbreaking, is the launch of a new web browser that some are describing as an operating system for cloud computing (whereas others laugh at the notion of calling it anything but a browser). The offering, called Google Chrome, was announced through a strange online comic book. Chrome has some interesting features.

Google claims that it will keep each tab in an isolated sandbox that prevents one tab from being able to crash the others and gives additional protection against malware. Google also states that it will have a more powerful JavaScript engine to fuel more modern web applications.

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