Question:  What happens when you choose to hire people who combine the deepest technical fluency with a focus on business results?   You get a team of professionals dedicated to your projects needs.  That team is Data-Trax Client Services Group (CSG).

We are all about raising standards.  We are constantly exploring what best in class technologies are out there and what they can do for your business.   Our people are naturally curious, resourceful, talented and have a wide breadth of real world experience.  We can weigh a wide range of options – to deliver the right solution for you.

We’re polyglot programmers, with feet in the functional and object-oriented worlds. If quick and dirty is your speed, we can deliver a LAMP stack solution on your timeframe. If it has to be tight and right, we can get you there with Scala/Lift.  We’re more than agile, we’re extremely flexible.

We ask the right questions from the start.  We’re responsive to your businesses needs and extremely customer centric.   Reach out to us today to discuss your programming needs and we’ll save you time and money, while delivering a best in class solution for your company.    Request a quote…

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