Utility Asset Protection:

Projects where underground construction activities are planned are known to be dangerous places to work. Areas where open excavation or the penetration of the ground by heavy equipment, drilling rigs, rods, and hand tools all pose a risk to utility assets and human beings alike.

The importance of a properly managed utility asset protection program can serve as a shield of protection against lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, and financial loses; but also mitigate the risk of damage to valuable infrastructures. Unintended service outages can affect service users, subscribers, commercial businesses, emergency services, and facilities. Data-Trax can partner with you to provide the necessary oversight and on site location, exposure, and protection of underground utilities.

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Trenchless Technologies:

Also referred to as directional or horizontal boring our network of experienced professionals have been providing affordable, reliable, and proven underground construction solutions to Municipalities, Telecommunications, and Utility companies throughout the country. Installation of pipeline, conduit, fiber, cable, gas, or water lines up to 2000 meters and a maximum of 36″ diameter bores are supported. Commonly referred to as directional or horizontal boring

The implementation, maintenance, and integrity of our customer’s project is our top priority. Our objective is to enhance customer relationships by proving ourselves everyday, and striving to exceed our valued customer’s expectations. When we deploy a crew to a customers location they can rest assured that they are being provided experienced, trained, and fully insured personnel – that are compliant with all state regulations. Our goal is to offer our customers a service that focuses on all their underground construction needs.

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Buried Service Wire Management Services:

Beyond installation there is the program that ensures that customer standards are integrated into a dedicated Buried Service Wire, or more commonly referred to as the “drop” management program. With over 50,000 new service line installations completed every year, our network of professional field technicians will safely and effectively ensure each job is done right the first time. The drop management program is designed to mitigate risk, reduce inbound subscriber escalations, enhance communication from the field to project stakeholders,, while ensuring all work is completed within agreed upon service intervals.

All drop management programs are assigned to dedicated Account Support Representatives to provide day to day operational support. Added to this, is a proprietary tracking system that can provide customer teams with the ability to query the status of a work order, track production in the field, and generate current working view reports. These reports are fed real-time data from the field and can be viewed using a graphical user interface which enables users to visually see what the numbers are saying in seconds!

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Engineer, Fabricate and Installation Services (EF&I)

Our capabilities include site civil work, tower/foundation installations, shelter deployment/construction, BTS Equipment deployment, steel fabrication/welding, coaxial cable installation, antenna installation, sweep testing and utility/service work. We maintain a diversified work force of qualified installers and foremen trained to install and integrate equipment, cables and antennas. Our personnel are versed in the proper handling and installation of wireless equipment and are available to be on-call to perform services such as scheduled preventive maintenance, antenna-line system testing, troubleshooting and site repairs.

Raw Land Site Work:
  • Civil Construction (Site Preparation, Access Roads, Compounds)
  • Landscaping
  • Foundation Installation (Pole/Tower/Building/Shelter)
  • Pole/Tower Stacking
  • Building Construction
  • Pre-fabricated Shelter Installation
  • Utility Services (Electric and Telco)
  • Site Grounding, Cad Welds

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Roof Top/Building Site Work:
  • Heavy Lift Helicopter Installations
  • Structural Engineering Studies
  • Masonry Penetrations/Pockets
  • Roof Penetrations
  • Equipment Room Construction
  • Equipment Platform Installation
  • Pre-fabricated Shelter Installation
  • Utility Services (Electric and Telco)
  • Site Grounding, Cad Welds

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In-Building Work:
  • Equipment Room Construction
  • Wall Penetrations / Fireproofing
  • Utility Services (Electric and Telco)
  • Site Grounding, Cad Welding

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Equipment Installation:
  • Equipment Mounting
  • Equipment Integration
  • Utility Service Hook Up (Electric & Telco)
  • Equipment Grounding
  • Equipment Upgrade & Retrofits


Emergency Services:
  • Mobilize personnel to assist client during emergencies (Site outages, health and safety concerns)

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Cloud Computing Platforms:

Dramatically reduce costs while increasing organization performance through better functionality with Cloud Computing solutions. Imagine Cloud Computing as having your current office computer network hosted on the Internet (Cloud) backed up on hundreds of servers, running all your essential business applications rather than hosted on computers in some closet in your office. With Cloud Computing, gone are the headaches and expense of managing a local network or purchasing expensive hardware and software, that continually needs to be updated.

Cloud based services remove the complexity out of managing your own IT infrastructure. An organization can eliminate implementation costs, ongoing costs from software / hardware updates, and ongoing Technical Support fees. Organizations that adopt Cloud Computing can reduce their IT overhead costs by up to 80% over a comparable Microsoft platform. For many businesses, that can mean tens of thousands or more in freed up capital, that can be directed to other business needs.

There are numerous advantages to Cloud Computing, such as; all updates are included, no software to buy, security risks are mitigated, scale up or down your platform based on the needs of your business, add additional users by adding additional hardware or software, reduce on-site IT personnel requirements, and experience a 99.8% up time. Regardless of the size of your organization or satellite offices, making the decision to go to Cloud Computing will yield immediate tangible and financial benefits. To learn more, request a free consultation from your Data-Trax representative today.

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