Business Consulting:

In today’s competitive business environment it is imperative that you have vision, provide leadership, communicate effectively, and stay in lockstep with the latest strategies and technologies to build solid customer relationships, and keep employees motivated, focused, and on task. This is a daunting responsibility for any entrepreneur or business owner as they can easily get “overwhelmed” with the day to day demands of their enterprise.

Data-Trax can provide companies and company leadership with valuable independent assessments, coaching, and organizational development techniques to help define clear and unified direction, inspire and motivate their workforce, build and keep strategic customer relationships, and increase communication between company and customer, and company and employee.

Our accredited business consultant group can provide you a wide array of consulting services with an impartial, objective, and balanced approach; in keeping with the goals and objectives of the company and its leadership. Our methodologies are personalized to the specific needs of the business and can include a wide range of supportive services…

  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation Techniques
  • Project Management Sciences and Measurements
  • Financial, Accounting, and Credit Disciplines
  • Human Resource Procedures and Practices
  • Sales, Marketing, and Advertising Strategies
  • Operational and Production Evaluation and Development
  • Team Building and Coaching Strategies
  • IT Integration and Deployment Processes
  • Customer Service and/or Complete Program Office Strategies
  • Legal and Contractual Support
  • Design, Engineering, Product/Service Development, and Innovative Philosophy

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Project Management Contracting:

In every organization there are always far more projects that are deemed necessary and potentially profitable, than there are internal resources to implement and manage them. One of the first things to determine is whether these priorities are truly projects or rather potential programs in need of development. Program Management is concerned with initiatives that have no defined conclusion, but have continually evolving processes; whereas a project is goal oriented with specific objectives and a defined conclusion (end date).

Data-Trax practices what is referred to as “Practical Project Management” where best in class practices are leveraged to their full potential, but at the same time without introducing increased bureaucracy, structural constraints, excessive costs, or cross organizational disharmony. As a service we will provide general and specialized resources to support your project from; Inception, Contract Management, Planning, Programming, Scheduling, Tracking, and Reporting.

Many of the tools, ideas and disciplines of Project Management can be used to solve business problems. When it is determined that a Program Management solution is required, you can rest assured that Data-Trax can deploy a customized program that meets your company’s specific needs.

“Project Management is focused on outputs whereas Program Management is concerned with doing the right projects to ensure the outcome is as expected.”

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Utility Mapping & Locating Services:

We’ve been assisting professional Contractors and Service Providers in reducing overhead costs associated with Locating and Mapping work activities at Data-Trax, while enabling them to retain essential personal that are critical to both the short term and long term success of their businesses. The harsh reality is that many businesses are carrying too much in monthly overhead costs in the form of excessive staffing, payroll taxes, benefits, rent, utilities and more.

So the question is how do you come up with the additional revenue you need to keep your business out of the red and in the black? By shifting overheads fixed costs to the expense side of the accounting ledger, business owners can realize a lower cost of operation while freeing up tens of thousands of dollars annually. The savings is substantial, and can be channeled into paying down debt, invested back into the business, or reflected on the bottom line.

If your business requires you to request locates for utilities before some type of underground construction related activity can take place, then you already know that calling in locate requests is a timely and very important activity that cannot be overlooked. This sometimes “overlooked” area of the business is mistakenly considered busy work, but in reality it is one of the most time consuming activities.

We go beyond mapping, locating and requesting locate tickets. We monitor all your locates to make sure that they do not expire. You will receive a daily “Refresh Report” from us identifying the Locate Tickets that if associated with unfinished work, may expire and thus put you at risk. All you have to do is identify the jobs you would like us to refresh and we will make sure they do not expire. This is just one of the many more features of this service. To learn more request a free consultation from your Data-Trax representative today.

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Staffing Solutions:

In today’s economic climate companies are at times required to make difficult decisions in the area of work force reduction, resulting in the loss of valuable personnel – sometimes with dire consequences to organizations and work place moral.

However, there is an alternative and that is reverse outsourcing, where Data-Trax can provide a position for these employees and then redeploy them back into your organization. Instead of moving a valuable resource out of the company, we can help shift the costs associated with internal staffing, to the expense side of the accounting ledger.

We can also answer recruiting and staffing needs for temporary staffing that may be subject to fluctuating business cycles. By allowing Data-Trax to be your partner in this effort you and your team can continue to remain focus on your core business.

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Database Management Solutions:

Data-Trax database services are simple to deploy, reliable, and extremely cost-effective. We can provide you with everything you need to streamline and automate processes, capture data inputs, form submissions, and share data via reports and charts. Security, reliability, and scalability are built into everything we do, and meet the most stringent user requirements.

We specialize in creating feature rich and stylish web applications that can be deployed without breaking the bank. By leveraging a Cloud Infrastructure, it is possible to develop a very scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure Our services and solutions are shaped by a team of engineers with expertise in building databases and database driving applications, including mobile apps. Support is available by email, ticketing system, live chat, and phone during normal business hours. Extended 24×7 emergency support is available if so desired.

All customers are provided a live instructor led web-based training. Depending on the architecture of the solution we develop for you, we can also continue to provide ongoing support and maintenance. Our Professional Services group is ready to build your custom applications to meet your specifications or enhance what you currently have. It that requires third party integration services, you can rest assured that Data-Trax is up for the challenge.   Request a Quote Today!

Data-Trax… Solving Problems is our Business

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API Integration:

To Cloud or not to Cloud… that is the question many IT professionals and business owners are asking themselves these days. Perhaps you are an early adopter of technology and you have embraced some cloud based technologies or services such as Google Apps, but you also have on-premise systems. If so, then you may now have data trapped in what is called data silos. As a result valuable information is inaccessible to cross organization teams and project stakeholders.

Without a strategy (a method) to synchronize data between these silos of data or off site data sources, your business could be at a serious disadvantage. Regardless of the size of your company, it is critically important that your business can maintain accurate data, automate business processes and avoid costly redundancy of software, hardware and data!. We can help you evaluate the options available to your enterprise and determine what legacy applications you have and integrate that data with your Software as a Solution applications (i.e. Cloud Apps).    Request a Quote Today!

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Third Party Apps Integration:

Often times businesses will find themselves using multiple software platforms that are running on proprietary systems and/or numerous web apps. It can be very expensive to develop an in-house software solution or even to outsource it to a software development house, in order to allow these systems to “talk” and exchange data.

Data-Trax integration services can develop and deploy a third party solution that will enable you to share and manipulate data to produce the desire outputs your business needs. Third party integration solutions can reduce overhead, streamline operations, eliminate repetitive tasks, remove data silos, increase profitability, improve communication, increase productivity.   Request a Quote Today!

Here is just a small example of some platform integrations we have successfully worked on previously.

  • Database platforms
  • Third Party SaaS
  • Web Applications
  • eCommerce services
  • PayPal services
  • Google Apps
  • Affiliate Networks

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Programming Solutions

Data-Trax provides a full spectrum of services for database design, development and integration services. Our programmers have proven experience in relation database management systems including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, ORACLE and other relationship database platforms.   Request a Quote Today!

In addition to database related services we also support and develop software solutions based on the following:

  • DatabaseDesign
  • Unix
  • Java
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • MySQL
  • and More…

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