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Directional Boring Contractors – Caveat emptor!

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When it comes to dealing with underground construction contractors, many business operators would rather crawl across broken glass on their bellies than obtain multiple quotes from contractors. This is an unfortunate fact for both the customer requiring the service and … Continue reading

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Directional Boring vs. Trenching-Which Is Right for Me?

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A common question for people who are unfamiliar with underground regards to the differences between directional boring and trenching-and which method is right for their particular project.  For commercial project requests generally customers understand the difference and which method is … Continue reading

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Digging without Locates – Don’t Do It!

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When homeowners think of underground excavation, the images that come to mind are large heavy equipment and men in hard hats and reflective vests who move large amounts of earth with their behemoth diesel drinking machines. So it’s really not … Continue reading

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