Quality You Can See and Hear

Video QC is a new service offering by Data-Trax Solutions, Inc. that empowers Cable Operators to view work performed in the field, in REAL TIME as it is being completed.

How much does a subscriber complaint cost your business? How much does it actually cost to dispatch a Tech (i.e. Truck Roll) out of Quality Control or to mitigate a complaint?  Over 87% of these costs can be saved with the use of Video QC, resulting in lower operating costs.

Our Video QC service easily integrates into your existing processes for Drop Burial and Directional Boring (Construction) field operations work.  Everyone from Customer Service, Drop Coordinators, Management, Quality Control, Management, Finance, Legal – and all the way to company Executives can review REAL TIME video feeds, using Video QC.

Data-Trax Solutions, Inc has developed a secure system that Collects, Sorts, Tracks and Reports all captured field videos and can aggregate that data on demand.  No special equipment, training or costly IT integration required.

Consider these cost savings:

  • Video and Audio proof of Pre and Post work performance.
  • Enhanced Quality Control on all work orders.
  • Customer complaints resolved with greater satisfaction and in less time.
  • Reduced ticket escalations and time consuming reporting.
  • Better subscriber experience due to increased visibility and understanding.
  • Reduced “redundant” work orders resulting in additional costs.
  • Significant reduced truck rolls and personnel dispatched to the field
  • and much more…


Key Features and Benefits of Video QC:

    • 100% Self Quality Control & Compliance 
    • Improved Quality Control
    • Increased Field Visibility
    • Real Time Video Feeds
    • Saves Time, Effort and Money
    • Enhanced Cross Organizational Communication 
    • Improved Documentation 
    • Faster Compliant Resolution
    • Loss and Fraud Prevention
    • Inexpensive to Deploy
    • No Special Training Required
    • Powerful, User Friendly, Low Cost


“Having a video of the work performed in the field has been a real help to our company and our customers.   We have been able to provide actual video footage when a dispute arose regarding locates or a customer damage, and it was resolved quickly to everyone’s satisfaction.”  
– Tom Balacek,  Tel-Optic Cable Contracting


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