350Green Announce City-Wide Network of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

PRESS RELEASE: 350GREEN – CHICAGO – FEBRUARY 18, 2011 (republished)

CHICAGO (February 18, 2011) – Today at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and
officials from the City of Chicago announced the selection of 350Green, a developer of electric vehicle
(EV) charging networks, to design, build and operate a network of 280 EV charging stations throughout
the Chicago area. The project is among the first and largest of its kind in the United States, and will help
the City address two of the most vexing challenges facing widespread adoption of EVs: range anxiety
and access to a garage for overnight charging. 350Green plans to install and operate its stations in
partnership with retail hosts across high-traffic urban shopping centers and other places near where
Chicago-area EV drivers live and work.

“This project will encourage greater use of green transportation alternatives by making electric vehicle
use more convenient and accessible in one of the most heavily traveled cities in the country,” said
Governor Quinn. “Through strategic investments like this, we are encouraging long-term economic
growth, supporting innovation and creating the jobs of today and tomorrow.”

City of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley said, “Chicago is on the cutting edge of national efforts to
prepare for electric vehicles. When this project is completed, Chicago will have the most DC quickcharging
stations of any city in the country, with only the entire State of California surpassing our station
numbers.” The City of Chicago and its Department of the Environment are helping facilitate the
implementation of the project.

Much of the early focus around EV infrastructure has been on putting charging stations in the home
garages of customers, which benefits only those who have a garage. Since many residents in Chicago do
not have access to a garage, this effectively limits the number of people who can participate in the EV

“Our public charging stations with fast chargers will be widely and conveniently located near where
residents live and work around Chicago,” said Mariana Gerzanych, 350Green’s founder and CEO. “Now,
EV ownership becomes a possibility for anyone in Chicago, regardless of whether or not they have
access to charging in a personal garage.”

The development of the EV industry in Chicago will have benefits for both the environment and the
economy. For example, a 10 percent conversion of petroleum-based vehicles to electric vehicles in the
Chicago metro area could result in a reduction of 1.8 million tons of CO2 annually. Similarly, the
reduction of gasoline use will lead to an estimated $525 million positive economic impact on the region
every year.

The company also expects that construction, operation and management of the 73 DC Fast and 207
Level 2 charging stations, plus the opening of a nationwide customer support center, will create
approximately 50 jobs in the greater Chicago area. The project is valued at $8.8 million, with public
funding of up to $1.9 million. 350Green will fund the remaining $6.9 million.

About 350Green

350Green is a project developer that designs, builds and operates scalable networks of plug-in electric
vehicle (EV) charging stations across the US. The company distributes its stations by partnering with
retail hosts at select, high-traffic shopping centers and other places near where EV drivers live and work,
to create the most expansive and convenient network of EV charging locations. More information on
350Green and its projects can be found at its website: www.350Green.com

Media Contact for 350Green:
Nicole Fallat, Scoville PR for 350Green
(o) 206.625.0075 x4
(m) 206.390.2236

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