Data-Trax Clean & Screen Services

Data-Trax specializes in the rapid Testing, Cleaning, Screening and Kitting of DTA and UDTA units from Motorola, Cisco Pace and Thomson.  Our system is designed to process a high rate of units on a daily basis in an amazing short period of time.  At all times, Customers can obtain information about how many units have been received, where the units are at any stage of production.  Our ability to scale and modify our deliverables faster and at lesser cost than other competitors has made us the preferred choice for many MSOs.

DTA & UDTA Testing, Cleaning, & Screening

  • Verify inventory (check in)
  • Scan units
  • Cross reference manifests
  • Testing of units
  • Hook up to Customer plant (signal)
  • Check picture
  • Factory reset (firmware update)
  • Inspect for physical damage
  • Clean and Refurbish units
  • Package (Kitting)
  • Package in poly bags or boxes per customer requirements
  • Individual labeling on unit – labeling of unit serial number on outside of boxes.
  • Ship out withing (4) business days.

Additional Services and Products:

  • Clean and screen of remotes
  • Clean and screen of power supplies
  • Power Supplies
  • Coax Jumper Cables
  • Cat5 Jumper Cables


Modem/EMTA Repair & Logistics:

Data-Trax has the capacity to clean and screen, and test and repair over 400,000 modems /EMTAs annually.  Data-Trax has developed real time tracking and reporting of your company assets while in our care.  At all times, Customers can obtain information about how many units have been received, where the units our in production and expedite special requests as needed.  Our goal is to remain highly flexible, optimize our processes to ensure the hightest production numbers in the shortest amount of time.

We test and upgrade modems and EMTAs from various OEMs and generate Good/Bad,  Pass/Fail reports daily and on demand. We test all modem functionalities: such as power levels, signal to noise ratio, voice lines, etc., as well as the CM throughput and packet loss. All modems recieve the latest firmware upgrades.

Set-Top Clean and Screen & Repair:

Data-Trax has arranged special pricing and partnership with top repair and logistic solutions for Set-Top boxes. We test, inspect and kit all boxes for functionality. However, units that are damaged or non-functioning, are quarantined, and immediately shipped to one of our partner repair centers. During the entire repair process Data-Trax provides to you the Customer a single point of contact that will track, manage and report on the entire refurbishing process. This reduces internal costs associated with managing these time consuming processes.

Why use us instead of shipping directly to a costly repair center?

Repair only what is truly in need of repair.  When we test your Set-Top boxes we are looking to quickly identify the units that are beyond any reasonable repair and those that are repairable.  It is in our best interest to find as many functioning units so that we can process the units in-house.  However, all units requiring repair will be expedited to a Partner Repair Center. You will only be paying for what actually needs repairing.  In addition, we reduce our rate by 50% for all units that must be repaired.  Once repaired, we arrange direct shipment back to your warehouse facilities, thus insuring a quick turn around.

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